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Why I'm Asking for YOUR vote.

We can make a real difference if you will vote for me. Please watch this video for my explanation. Thank you.

Robin. (Robin Horsley)

My Story

How I Came to Stand as Your Independent Candidate in Mole Valley

I have lived in Surrey since early childhood when my parents moved here from Hertfordshire. I live near Newlands Corner, with my wife and our two grown-up daughters. I first got involved in Politics 15 years ago.

Our Political system is broken.. and I want to fix it.
Starting right here in Mole Valley.

How Sir Paul Beresford Attempted to Kill-Off My Election Campaign.

The Conservative Candidate Paul Beresford turned up on my doorstep with a letter threatening me with legal action - read his letter and my response here.


Follow My Campaign

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The Great Brexit Debate

Back in 2016 I setup the Great Brexit Debate Facebook Page, and later the Website, to explore all the issues surrounding the EU Referendum. It's been in operation ever since. There are lots of written pieces and videos that you can read and watch there.  

N.B. The Facebook Page contains the most content and is a great place to debate the issues.


The Conservatives' EU Treaty 'Deal'

The Conservatives' Deal with the EU would be extremely bad for the UK. Read an EU Barrister's notes on it here.

Countdown to General Election 2019

It's Not Long Now Until Voting Starts in the General Election on Thursday 12th December 2019!


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