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The Sad Story of the UK Fishing Industry and How the Conservatives Plan to Give it All Away Again.

This Afternoon I was out delivering literature in Ripley in the north-west of the Mole Valley constituency with my daughter Nicky - who very kindly came back from University for a couple of days to help me out.

When we passed the location of a fishmongers where I worked when I was 16 years old it seemed a good opportunity to share the sad story of the UK fishing industry and how it was given away back in 1973 when we joined what became the European Union - the European Economic Community (EEC).

And also, to explain how the Conservatives are planning, once again, to give up this precious natural resource.

I hope you enjoy watching!

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Thank you.


Robin Horsley
Independent Democracy Candidate for Mole Valley, Surrey: GE2019

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