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How We Can Prosper
After Brexit:

The Business Case for Brexit

Inevitably after 3.5 years of 'Project Fear' people are concerned about the implications of Leaving the European Union.

Information helps. This is an in-depth exploration of the Business Case for Brexit which I hope will help many people understand that the horror stories are completely over-blown - a bright future awaits us...

If we can avoid the Conservatives appalling EU Treaty Deal... which would give away vast areas of control, leave us under the jurisdiction of EU courts in many areas, cost us £10s Billions every year and leave us with a liability of £500Bn+ due to our remaining in the EIB (European Investment Bank).

A Real Brexit is the solution. We need to offer the EU a no-strings-attached Free-Trade-Agreement just as other nations do around the world to facilitate free-trade. 

There is no justification whatsover for giving away so much control simply for the chance to negotiate a trade deal with the EU that would (pre-agreed in the EU Treaty Deal) tie our hands in negotiations and make it near impossible to have free-trade deals with the rest of the world.

Thanks for watching. Please do share this with others - it may set their minds at rest!


Robin Horsley, Independent Candidate for Mole Valley, GE 2019

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